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"Fast forward to 9 weeks later I now sit on a 60% ROI and am generating a 3% gain on a fairly regular daily basis."

(Real Student)

This course will take anyone and bring them from getting started as a completely new trader all the way through our successful strategy. And best of all this course does not exclude professional day traders or high-powered investors. Several have studied these successful methods and found additional strategies they added to their toolbox to increase profits!

You will learn all about:

  • The stock market, important definitions and how it all works

  • Options trading

  • How to set up a brokerage account and the best graphing tools to use.

  • Vital rules to keep yourself protected from losing money.

  • The full strategy of finding and using patterns to make regular profits.

  • And hours of video content broken down into exact lessons on how to trade with confidence.

And on top of that we threw in our very special A DOZEN EGGS OF WISDOM, a collection of our own, very successful rules for success that highly successful traders use.